ANC Announces the Launch of its Synergy™ Line of Carbide Inserts for High-Temp Alloys

October 15, 2012

HOUSTON — Since 1970 American National Carbide (ANC) has been a leading manufacturer of quality tungsten carbide products, delivering carbide value to the metalworking, oil and gas, and wood processing industries. Always committed to innovation, ANC delivers again with its new Synergy™ line of indexable carbide turning inserts. Synergy’s state of the art carbide substrate, enhanced by the latest nano coating technology, is engineered to perform at the elevated temperatures that are common when machining superalloys.

Synergy’s innovative design and proprietary post-coating treatment ensure optimal chip control while reducing cutting forces. To see Synergy in action, click here.  From roughing to finishing, Synergy™ offers a total high temperature solution:

  • Functional 100° roughing corner for enhanced productivity
  • Coolant flow channel for efficient temperature regulation
  • Positive ground land to reduce cutting forces
  • Multiple obstructions for optimal chip control
  • Helical land angle to resist DOC notching
  • Mechanical post-treatment to reduce friction
  • Post-coating surface grind for maximum stability
  • Wide chip breaking range
  • SG style for General Purpose
  • SF Style for Finishing
  • SR Style for Roughing

ANC prides itself in its flexibility to work closely with customers to design and manufacture carbide products for virtually any application. The current launch of Synergy™ carbide inserts attests to the level of innovation that can occur when a synergetic relationship exists between a manufacturer and its customers. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, ANC produces its raw materials and press tooling in house. In addition to its 50 standard carbide grades, ANC can formulate new grades to exact specifications. ANC’s tooling design and production capabilities allow the manufacturer to create complex geometries without issue. ANC utilizes ISO-compliant metallurgical testing on all of its raw materials, grade powders and sintered products in order to ensure conformity with critical specifications.

ANC has serviced the metalworking industry worldwide for more than forty years through the manufacture of tungsten carbide indexable inserts for turning, boring, milling, parting, threading, and grooving applications. ANC has a network of sales representatives strategically positioned to provide service globally, and its highly-trained in house sales and technical support teams assist customers with any questions they may have regarding Synergy™ or any other product or service. ANC has a proud history of excellent customer service and support, and this dedication to customers’ needs continues to be a company trademark, as ANC invites new challenges to innovate the quality of its products and services.