ANC's expanded offering of inserts and tooling for general turning operations allows machining across all six ISO application categories.  A simplified tooling selection system makes it easy to choose the right tooling package for your operation.  Application-specific grades and chip control geometries are offered for finishing, general purpose, and roughing applications in each ISO category, and a wide array of toolholders and boring bars for external and internal machining rounds out the offering.

Performance Turning

New grades for machining stainless steel and high-temperature alloys are available in our new Synergy™ line of negative rake inserts, while our P Series™ line for steel applications has been updated with all new grades for finishing through roughing operations.  All new grades are now available for cast iron machining, as well, and an expanded selection of positive rake screw-on style inserts is featured in our biggest offering ever.  A complete line of ceramic, CBN and PCD inserts are also available for machining cast irons, hardened materials, non-ferrous materials, and high-temperature alloys.  For high performance, productivity, and precision for modern CNC machines, look no further.

American Value™ Turning

The American Value™ series of ANSI-standard indexable inserts is designed to provide productivity at a reasonable price.  With a targeted selection of the most popular inserts in the metalworking industry, this series offers inserts with positive rake precision and negative rake reliability.  Standard general-purpose grades are available for the whole range of workpiece materials, from steels and cast irons to high temperature alloys.  High quality and economic pricing means superior value!

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