Wood Processing

ANC is a market leader in the manufacture of carbide products for the primary and secondary wood industries. ANC provides replacement parts for a wide variety of debarking tools, including ring and rotor-type debarking equipment, as well as "railback" saw tips for saw blade manufacturers and the retipping industry. Special wear-resistant grades and excellent brazeability from ANC’s proprietary process make these products the preferred choice in the industry.

ANC is also a recognized leader in the manufacture of blanks for the pallet notching industry. These standard square and round blanks are offered in wear-resistant and nail-cutting grades.

ANC also specializes in making replacement knives and cutters for waste wood grinding and recycling equipment. These carbide knives offer significantly longer life than steel knives and can be made in virtually any shape or size. Flexibility in product design coupled with a wide range of grades specially formulated for wood and waste processing make ANC the ideal source for these items.

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Wood Processing