Press Releases

American National Carbide Emerges from Bankruptcy

HOUSTON - American National Carbide (ANC), a manufacturer of tungsten carbide products for the energy and metalworking industries, has completed a successful reorganization under Chapter 11 and emerged from bankruptcy.

ANC Now One of the Largest Scrap Carbide Recyclers in the World

HOUSTON - American National Carbide (ANC) announces the completion of their expanded carbide scrap recycling facility, which now has capacity to process over one million pounds of scrap carbide per year, making the 47-year old manufacturer one of the largest recyclers of scrap carbide in the world. The addition of new, state-of-the-art equipment and major advancements in carbide recycling technology are the culmination of a two-year, multi-million dollar project that establishes ANC as a leader in the reclamation of scrap carbide.