Downhole Tool Dressing

ANC has an extensive line of engineered hardfacing products for dressing downhole tools used to cut through steel casing and plugs and remove downhole junk. A variety of square, round, half-round, oval and polygonal inserts are available.

Our patented Pentacut™ inserts are uniquely designed to maintain a consistent gage height no matter how they are applied, and our popular Starbide™ inserts have 16 identical cutting edges with an aggressive geometry for maximum material removal in the shortest possible time. The innovative Wave™ inserts are available in three different lengths, so all sides of a mill's cutting elements can be lined with the Wave's cutting teeth. All of our engineered items are available either in bulk or in composite rod, which is cast in a nickel / brass matrix with a tensile strength of 100,000 PSI. RaptorRod™ and TalonRod™, for example, feature extremely aggressive cutting elements designed for optimum material removal.

Our engineered products have advantages over traditional crushed carbide in downhole applications. The uniform shapes and sizes of ANC's inserts, which are made from specially-formulated cutting grades, ensure quick and easy application to the tool and reliable performance down the hole where it counts.