Oil and Gas

ANC is a proven leader in the manufacture of carbide components and materials used in the oil and gas, mining, construction, water well, and horizontal drilling industries. These products are offered in a full complement of grades specifically designed for the tough demands of these applications. Short production lead times, quality-focused manufacturing processes, and flexibility in new product design and tooling production make ANC a preferred choice for strategic partnerships.

Profile Compacts

ANC offers a wide variety of profile compacts for use in rotary and percussion type bits for the oil and gas and mining industries. Available designs include chisels, wedge crested chisels, wing tips, single conicals, double conicals, parabolics, multiple domed, and ovoids. Whether you're drilling in soft, medium-hard, or hard formations, ANC has a product to fit your application.

Wear Compacts and Stabilizers

Recognized as an industry leader in downhole stabilization and wear, ANC offers a broad line of engineered products designed for maximum impact and wear resistance. The ability of wear compacts and stabilizing inserts to withstand the damaging forces of drilling operations is crucial, and ANC offers these products in a variety of wear-resistant grades designed to optimize performance and prolong the life of the drilling bit.

Fluid Nozzles

ANC manufactures standard and made-to-order threaded and non-threaded fluid nozzles compatible with a wide range of industry-standard bits and hole opening tools. Tough, wear and heat resistant carbide grades complement solid designs to make ANC's line of nozzles second to none.

Geophysical / Drag Bit Inserts

ANC's line of inserts for geophysical testing, water well drilling, and drag bits is among the broadest in the industry. ANC stocks a large variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical apex, gage blanks, and wing style inserts in wear-resistant grades formulated specifically for the tough operating environment of these applications.

Diamond Bit Products

ANC offers an assortment of carbide products for use on diamond bits, such as gage bricks and PDC substrates. Gage bricks are applied to the outer gage surfaces of the bit to combat wear during drilling operations. Carbide substrates provide the foundation for the polycrystalline diamond compacts used on PDC bits and can be custom designed to meet customer specifications.