Carbide Scrap Recycling

ANC has been a manufacturer of carbide products for over 45 years and our experience led us to become one of the few manufacturer/recyclers in the world. We are not brokers or middlemen. We have a comprehensive zinc reclamation process that allows us to convert tungsten carbide scrap into usable raw material.

Types of Scrap Carbide we Recycle

We buy both "hard scrap" and "soft scrap." Hard scrap includes carbide inserts, drilling compacts and buttons, carbide end mills and drills, wear parts, saw tips, coal mining tips, road construction tips, nozzles, grit, blanks, ball mill and attritor mill media, and other solid carbide scrap. Soft scrap includes grinding sludge (wet or dry), turnings, and grindings, presintered and unsintered carbide parts, grade powder, and powder scrap.

We prefer soft scrap to contain at least 60% tungsten. If you don't know how much tungsten your material contains, send us a sample and we'll analyze it free of charge and let you know its value.

ANC's Scrap Recycling Services

Large carbide manufacturers with reclamation capability enjoy a significant cost advantage over small manufacturers. You can realize the same benefit without the substantial capital investment costs of a reclamation facility. Just send us your scrap and we'll convert it and return it to you in a ready-to-process format.

We also offer an account credit program for our customers of finished products. Buy our inserts, use them, send them back for a credit to your account.

Don't sell to a broker or middleman - maximize the value of your scrap by selling to an actual recycler. ANC offers:

  • Most value for your scrap
  • Cost-effective disposal
  • Minimization of effect of volatile raw material costs
  • Environment-friendly method of disposal

If you are interested in selling your tungsten carbide scrap, contact us about your material.